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5 Reasons why you should work with a master builder.

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You’ve finished all of your initial planning, and your vision is finally ready to be bought to life. Before you can do that you need to decide who will be selected to build your dream. As with any building project, there is a lot that can go wrong and it is important that you protect your investment. By building with a Master Builder you will have peace of mind that your builder is appropriately licensed and has the support of Master Builders, who provide members with access to practical training, advice and up-to-date information to help them raise their professional standards.

To help you understand the in’s and out’s, we have identified 5 reasons why you should consider building with a Master Builder.

1. It’s a guarantee of quality.

During the registration process, an applicant must be able to demonstrate their building experience, professional qualifications, and practical management experience. Only once the stringent criteria is meet can a builder be registered and promote themselves as a Registered Master Builder.

2. Provides an independent seal of quality.

At the completion of every project, workmanship is independently inspected to ensure the Master Builders work is of a high standard and has satisfied clients’ expectations.

3. Disputes during the building process.

Unfortunately, problems can and do arise during the building process. However, in the event of a building dispute with a Master Builders member, Master Builders staff are on hand to help. They can help guide you and your builder through the dispute process and make recommendations on the best course of action to solve a disagreement or problem before it turns into a situation that requires a formal dispute management process.

4. Contracts.

One of the biggest causes of building disputes is poor contract documentation. Master Builders has produced a suite of residential building contracts that allocate risk fairly between the builder and customer.
If you are building or renovating, ask your building contractor to use a Master Builders contract, where Master Builders staff are on hand if requested to help members ensure contract documentation, including variations, is prepared accurately and in accordance with the law. Master Builders can also assist if contractual questions arise during the building process.

5. Financial Risk Mitigation.

To become a registered Master Builder, applicants must provide evidence of financial responsibility with written references from their bank, public accountant, and building material suppliers. Re-certification of members occurs regularly, with checks on financial viability and more importantly their workmanship.

When engaging a Registered Master Builder for a new home or for alterations a Master Build Guarantee covering loss of deposit, non-completion of the work, defective workmanship and defective materials, will be offered by the Registered Master Builder. Finally, and most crucially, only a Registered Master Builder can offer you the peace of mind of a 10-year Master Build Guarantee on the quality of there work.

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